Check out my writing for Bustle!

I’m now blogging regularly for Bustle, on subjects ranging from the serious to the very (VERY) silly. You can find all of my posts here, including “10 Signs You’re a Bibliophile” and “6 Movies Jane Austen Fans Should Watch.”


3 thoughts on “Check out my writing for Bustle!

  1. deathsitsuponaturtle

    Salutations! I recently came across your Whedon character article through “”. As a huge advocate of anything Joss Whedon, I would like to thank you! I haven’t read anything that witty on the subject in quite a long time and found it very refreshing. I would like to know your elimination process and where Faith ended up on your list.

    1. lrutherfordmorrison Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. My ranking was purely subjective, based on a combination of the complexity of characterization and my own preference. Faith was a close runner up to the characters I listed. I love her, but in the Whedon canon, there are just too many great characters to choose from 🙂


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