Publications and Presentations


“Playing Victorian: Heritage, Authenticity, and Make-Believe in Blists Hill Victorian Town, the Ironbridge Gorge.” The Public Historian. 37.3 (2015).

  • Recipient of Honorable Mention for the G. Wesley Johnson Award for the best article in The Public Historian, 2015.

Victorian Genres at Play: Juvenile Fiction and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” Neo-Victorian Studies. Special Issue: The Child in Neo-Victorian Arts and Discourse. 5.1 (2012). (Published as Lara Rutherford)


“’Monsters, or ogres, and chimeras’: Making Sense of the Horror in Whitechapel.” North American Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference. London, ON. November 2014.

“What do we do with the things left behind?: Literary Tourism in Brontë Country.” North American Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference. Pasadena, CA. October 2013.

“Visiting the Industrial Revolution: Historical Tourism in the Ironbridge Gorge.” Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Annual Conference. Fresno, CA. March 2013.

“’Gladness That Some End Might Be’: Seeking an End in ‘Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.’” Robert Browning and Victorian Poetry at 200 Conference. Baylor University, Waco, TX. November 2012.

“The Evolution of the Historical Romance: Gender Crossings in Georgette Heyer’s Early Novels.” The Popular Imagination and the Dawn of Modernism: Middlebrow Writing 1890-1930. University of London, UK. September 2011.

“‘Funny Little Games’: Jack the Ripper in Adaptation.” “Victorian Futures” Conference, sponsored by the Dickens Project. University of California, Santa Cruz, CA. July 2011.

“Victorian Graphic: From Hell and the Legacy of Jack the Ripper.” Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI. November 2010.

“Rewriting Victorian Adolescent Fiction in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” The American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. April 2010.

“Reading the Regency: Romance, Taste, and the Popular Consumption of History.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA. November 2009.

“At the Brink of the Unutterable: Language and Vulnerable Subjectivity in Wuthering Heights.” The Dickens Project Winter Conference, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. February 2009.



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