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Toast, Victorian Style!

Toast 3Check out my new article on JVC Online about the joys of Victorian toast. Yes, toast-and-water is a thing, and it’s weird.


(Image from Lara Rutherford-Morrison)


More on Dracula: Part 2 of My JVC Online Post is Up!

Part 2 of my guest post for the Journal of Victorian Culture is now up! “When people talk about the downsides of e-books, they often complain that e-books lack a connection between reader and body—without the physical texture, weight, and smell of the book and its pages, the e-book can seem (forgive the pun) rather bloodless. Interactive e-book apps, like PadWorx’s Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition (2010), attempt to draw the body back into the reading experience in a different way, by incorporating finger strokes and the reader’s manipulation of the tablet into the process.” Read the full article here: “A Book to Sink One’s Teeth Into, Part Two: Bringing the Body into the Digital Book.”

A Book to Sink One’s Teeth Into: A New Article about Dracula for the iPad

Check out my new article for the Journal of Victorian Culture Online, which discusses PadWorx’s interactive ebook app of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

“One of the major questions raised by the app is, Is this        Dracula or is it an adaptation? The app uses Stoker’s text, but at what point does our engagement with the text change so much that the work becomes something new and other?”

Read the full article here: “A Book to Sink One’s Teeth Into, Part 1: Revamping Dracula as an Interactive Ebook.” 

This is only Part One– more to follow!